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Originally Posted by thetexanator
babin looked really slow today. he looks really lost out there. he even runs kinda funny. im a big casserly fan, but i dont think he can survive another bennie joppru. especially for what we gave up to get this guy.

peek on the other hand looked really good. it was just a practice, however he did look like a bright spot for the D.

He runs a 4.6? That is not slow by any means and if he is undecisive in his decisions please remember he is still a rookie. It is my understanding that Babin got to Fiedler almost untouched on a speed rush today? Not enough? Patience. Comparing him to a player that has been unfortunately injured and may never realize his potential accordingly is not equivocal. Additionally, I don't think Charile's job is in jeapoardy.

I did not see them play however so I would be interested to learn of any other opinions that have seen more of Babin's play than I and speak to his speed of play.
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