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Default Re: Pre-combine mock by a rookie

Yeah that's my bad, a rookie mistake if you will. Props to martin and BL for the countless hours they've spent in researching and creating their own mocks. It was not my intention to copy what they had to say, but as an longtime and avid reader of the board, I know the caliber of input these guys have to offer. After looking at their mocks and watching some film of my own, I agreed with a few of their picks.

I honestly like Cox because a team can never have too many great lineman. Watt wasn't a popular pick, but now he's a fan favorite. I don't care who w draft as long as the player is a good character guy you want to root for. Hence, how popular Jeremy Lin has been. A humble but talented athlete with a relatable story. I feel like the Texans can do with the Michael Floyds and Alshon Jefferys. Sure they may be talented but I don't want to root for a guy that repeatedly gets arrested and caught for drugs or a lazy spoiled player that feels he is entitled to play in the NFL.

That's why I also like Toon, Criner, and Randle as they are blue solar guys who aren't afraid to mix it up and block on the outside, but at the same time, they aren't the kind of guys that take cheap shots. I am a little hesitant on Randle though because though he may have all the tools, I'm just not digging the production. I would rather have Stephen Hill and his big play upside.
Any idea if we could get Hill in the 2nd or 3rd round?

As a Baylor student, I'm big on Big 12 football, so I've seen enough of Broyles over the years. Broyles just has IT. He's a football player and thats it. I'd rather slightly reach for him in the third then risk losing him.

I love Adams and I thought about him, but I've seen lots of Arkansas football and the truth is, he reminds me of Jacoby Jones. Yeah he has big play potential but he drops too many passes and he isn't someone you can depend on in crunch time. As a third slot guy he'd be great but we're looking for that Reliable second guy that doesn't disappear like Walter and Jones do too often.
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