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Lightbulb Pre-combine mock by a rookie

We do not sign Mario Williams, but instead we resign Foster, Briesel, Myers

First Round: Fletcher Cox, DE/OLB, Mississippi State, 6'4" 290

Explosive, potential-laden DE that will help fill the void from Super Mario's departure. If the Super Bowl Champs have showed us anything, a team can never have too many raw athletic pass rushers. Can seal the edge, rush the QB & play the run. Would not start from day one like previous first round picks but is an excellent depth pick that has tremendous upside. Will be in the rotation and provide pressure in Wade's scheme. Best Player Available.
Other Pick: Melvin Ingram

Second Round: Nick Toon, WR, Wisconsin, 6'3" 220

With the top receivers off the board early in the first, the Texans are left deciding between the likes of Sanu and Jeffery. As much as the Texans need a receiver to complement Andre "Muhammad Ali" Johnson, those two players have too many question marks to warrant a first round pick. The last time the Texans reached to fill a position of need was the KJ debacle. I say it is better to wait till the second round and pick up a polished receiver with an NFL pedigree. Wisconsin is known for blue collar players that give 110% and Toon's selfless blocking and playing through injury demonstrates this. Toon is also a big body down in the redzone and in the open field he has deceptive speed and elusiveness. Him and Watt would make a great combo of nicknames with the Milkman and the Loony Toon
Other Pick: Juron Criner

Third Round: Ryan Broyles,WR, Oklahoma 511 185

One of the most productive receivers in college football history while playing at a BIGTIME college program. We aren't talking about TY Hilton here. Ryan Broyles has managed to use crisp route running and deceptive speed to catch an astounding number of passes the last few years. Talked about as a first round pick at one point, Broyles suffered a bad knee injury that will take months to rehab and get back from So though this pick may be risky, I believe it will be a Willis Mcgahee type of payback. We take Broyles and stash him on IR for the season and then let our excellent doctors nurse him back to health. Rookie receivers tend to have a hard time getting on the field because they don't know the plays so he can take this year to rehab, rest, and learn the playbook. Also Broyles is also a good returner so we won't have to worry about closing our eyes every time Jones is back there to receive a punt.
Other Pick: TY Hilton

Fourth Round: Levy Adcock, OT, Oklahoma State, 6-5 322

Getting OL depth is also an emphasis even though we will sign Briesel and Myers. We don't have any backups on our line that can step in and play without any dropoff. Adcock may not have all the physical tools, but the man works hard and I believe that embodies the spirit of our franchise. We have a group of players that fight till the end, even when nobody else gives a chance. Adcock will be developed to the point where he can step in when our linemen age in a few years and start digressing.
Other Pick: Jaymes Brooks

Fifth Round: Marquis Maze, WR/PR/KR, Alabama, 510" 190

A Jack of all Trades. He's a burner, he can catch with his hands, can be used on reverses, punt returns, screens, kick returns, deep bombs, and most importantly he is a good character guy that is a natural leader. It takes a real MAN to become that upset by letting his teammates down in the National Championship game(when he was injured) In a way he will be the Darren Sproles of our offense. We don't have a quick guy that can automatically create a mismatch, but I think Maze is that guy. He would blow the lid of our offense. Even the Packers added Randall Cobb last year, even though they had a ton of weapons.
Other Pick: Jordan White

Please provide me with feedback. This is one of my first threads and I want to contribute to this board more and more!
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