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Good read V, thanks.

In regards to Peek: he definitely has potential, but as evident from his numerous scuffles early this camp, (back to back sessions during the week) he cannot be trusted to maintain his head and keep from losing control. Practice is one thing but twice and then in a scrimmage? One could argue a pattern is developing.

I see the coaches able to best use Peek's atheltisism by keeping his emotions tempered by using him a play here, and a play there, depending on the situation. Peek rushes the passer, Peek nails the return man, Peek blocks a punt.....but even then you are playing with fire.

The Dolphins, although with another variety of unstable player in Ricky Williams (an unstable player none the less) found out what can happen when you play with fire.

Not sure if Peek has any other bad habits other than losing his temper but it is something he needs to keep in check, at least enough to keep the zebras away.

We can all hope that Babin exhibits the same burst and athletisism as Peek in rushing the passer, with the added benefit as a force against the run and cool under fire. I would love to have Capers prediciton of success ala Kevin Greene come true.
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