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Default Your Best Trade-Back Scenario

This thread is all about moving back and stocking up! Give me your best trade back scenarios!!!!!!

With the 26th pick in the draft the Houston Texans select:

To trade back!

Using a trade value chart I found at the Texans pick is worth about 700 points. Trading back to the 6th pick of the 2nd round (Redskins) worth 520 and picking up their 4th and 5th round picks, worth approx. 120 points. We give up a little but get the chance to save on the cap when it is starting to rear it's ugly head and still get a boatload of midround talent.

So with the 38th and first pick of the Texans, they select:

2a- Mohammed Sanu, WR, Rutgers
6'2'' 215 lbs. 4.57-40

Big, fast, explosive and agile athlete, a reliable target with YAC skill. Not a burner but plenty of speed and skill to challenge anywhere on the field. Begins as a compliment to Andre, a chain mover and legit #2 threat to space out a defense. Has the ability to take what he learns from Andre and apply it to become the #1 when Andre declines. I'm not even really considering another guy here even at #26 unless someone like Michael Floyd were to drop. Or Possibly Peter Konz if Chris Myers goes to Oakland too.

2b- Kevin Zeitler, OG, Wisconsin
6'4'' 315 lbs. 5.26-40

A big man who anchors well against big NT types running or passing. Has the size, tenacity and mobility to play for a long time. Strong, hard worker and durable. Replaces Wade Smith immediately. Comes from a school known for it's RB and OL and with the success J.J. Watt brought I say we get as much of their premium talent as possible! Again, not even really considering anyone else, he's a fit for the system, a need and at a good price, should be a short term upgrade and a long term OL fixture.

3- Shea McClellin, DE/OLB, Boise State
6'3'' 248 lbs. 4.74-40

Depth behind Barwin and Reed, I for one believe (and hope) Mario leaves for F/A dollars. McClellin is a bit of a tweener, not having a real position but is a strong, relentless pass rusher who is noted for making plays despite lacking elite athleticism. With time to learn and hone his craft, he'll be an excellent addition to the edge and he and Braman make up probably the most interesting backup OLB duo I can think of lol....Also thought about taking Audie Cole ILB here but went with the more productive player.

4a- Chris Givens, WR, Wake Forest
6'0'' 195 lbs. 4.52-40

Listed as the ideal slot receiver for a west coast attack. Yes please. Former track star, able to get lots of separation running routes with his quickness and agility. Can challenge vertically as well as over the middle, producing nice YAC numbers. Very solid depth, could even challenge Sanu/Walter for regular playing time. There are some good Safety/depth options here, G. Iloka and H. Smith but Givens is a good match and value here. It's important to emphasize the offense as often as possible this year, they need the boost that the defense got last year. Tommy Streeter is a guy who might be available but I think Givens has the edge right now, more polished receiver running routes, better hands and can play all over the field.

4b- Rhett Ellison, TE, Southern California
6'5'' 250 lbs. 4.76-40

Good sized, plus blocker-quick and tough, decent receiver. Compares favorably to Joel Dreesen according to, which is exactly who he replaces. Bit of an all-rounder who is good at everything but not great at anything and plays special teams. NFL bloodlines, father was a LBer.

5a- Nicolas Jean-Baptiste, DT, Baylor
6'2'' 335 lbs. 5.08-40

A big man to add to DL depth, moves Mitchell over to End. Good quickness, not much of a pass rusher but too big of a brick to move unless you double team him. Should add some heft and brute strength in the middle of the line on early downs and in relief of Cody.

5b- Chad Diehl, FB, Clemson
6'2'' 257 lbs. 4.72-40

The new hammer! Allows Casey to play his jack-of-all-trades role while upgrading over Vickers blocking. Run or pass pro, he delivers the block with authority. Special teams contributor as well.

6- Charles Brown, DB, North Carolina
5'9'' 209 lbs. 4.49-40

Stock slips a bit due to suspension in 2010 but otherwise had a productive college career. Despite good athleticism and agility he's not good at man-to-man coverage but is great in zones and is a sure tackler. I plan on letting him learn behind Quin or Manning as a safety while he contributes to special teams as the punt returner.

7- Joe Looney, OG, Wake Forest
6'3'' 320 lbs. 5.08-40

As a run blocker he uses violent hands to drive defenders back and quick feet to get to the second level. Pass pro is suspect because of poor technique/agility. Team leader type who works hard and is definitely worth a late round pick to groom for the future.

Roster Overview:

Qb: Schaub, Yates
Rb: Foster, Tate, Ward
Fb: Diehl, Casey*
Te: Daniels, Ellison, Casey*/Walter*, Graham
WR: Johnson, Sanu, Givens, Walter*, Jean
OL: Brown, Zeitler, Myers, Brisiel, Winston
OL: Newton, Looney, Smith, Smith, Butler

DL: Watt, Cody, Smith
DL: Jamison, Jean-Baptiste, Mitchell
Lb: Reed, Cushing, Ryans, Barwin
Lb: Braman, Dobbins, Sharpton, McClellin
Cb: Joseph, Jackson, Harris, McCain, Carmicheal, McMannis
S: Manning, Quin, Brown, Nolan

Couple quick points-
I actually tried not to pick a DB because I felt with Joseph and Manning there is the veteran presence and elite performance and with Harris and Carmichael set to get their shot we really have 2 guys who are basically rookies coming in anyway. The CB I did end up picking I would plan on moving to Safety immediately.

McCllelin is a nod to some of the drafniks here, I picked up on him I think from one of beerlover's drafts and really like his style, seems to fit into what Wade likes...hustle. Watt, Reed, Barwin, Cushing, Cody, Smith, Ryans....all hustle guys. However, maybe someone like Donte Paige-Moss is available. He's coming off injury and a suspended season but flashed great potential to rush the passer.

I definitely would've liked to pick up a later round MLB to throw into the mix, maybe Gallipo from USC but alas, it just wasn't in the cards. Perhaps dropping C-Brown for him could be an option but it's still a depth pick either way and since Brown has experience returning punts, he gets selected.
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