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Originally Posted by swisher
This is how all Titan fans seem to think. They justify losing players by saying they really were not that good anyway. I'm sure if McNair broke his leg they would all say Volek was a better QB anyway because they came back and beat Atlanta with him.

The Titans have had 5 good to great seasons in a row. Even the non-playoff season was not bad. So it really must feek like that when you lose quality that they will just find someone else to replace him. Eventually that doesn't happen. I just wonder how Titan fans will handle a couple of losing seasons in a row. They have been some pretty blessed NFL doesn't work that way forever.
I dont say they werent all that good smith is a great player and will do good for you, kearse is good when healthy...wycheck was one of the greatest te ever.the rest are no loss to me. i do think we did a great job replacing them as weve done in the past...i dont think our salary cap woes will hit us until next season. i am not one of those unrealistic titans fans that thinks chirs brown will be the best running back ever, but i do think he can easily beat out what george did for us last year...i understand at some point we will have to rebuild..probably next year because the salary cap is really going to eat us up, but i think we will be fine this year/hope we will be fine
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