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Default Re: The reasons Wade will remain in houston.

Originally Posted by EllisUnit View Post
He is a better D.C than Head coach, i think other teams will realize that (more like hope they will)

We will win the superbowl and he will decide he wants to stay (come on that would be nice)

The main reason he wont leave

His Daddy will Whoop His sons ass. Bend him over his knee tilt that cowboy hat to the side and beat the living hell out of him

Disclaimer - The above poster believes none of this, this is his way of not crying like a little *****.
Whatever the reason he's one tone deaf muffahuffa. His father is picked to lead the bull parade at the start of game festivities and he comes out with this the day after. To be honest I remember Bum and he had a strange way as well. He had the city in his hand and pretty much over played that same hand in an ego duel with Silver spoon Rockabilly Bud and saw it all fall apart. How stupid were they both to break it up at the height of popularity? Bud Adams is and has always been a jackass. However, Bum and son are by no mean perfect when it comes to public relations. Not by a long shot. He should say something of an apology for putting self first at this time of the year.
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