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One factor in his reinstatement is he is required to return all the money he received from his agent, believed to be hundreds of thousands of dollars. Are we really supposed to believe that he received this money and didn't spend any ... didn't to buy a car (s), or a place to stay, or food. If it sat in a bank, why did he require his agent to give him the money? If he spent any, how did he get the money to pay the agent back? From USC boosters?

This is a mess and a can of worms. I don't believe he should be reinstated. It's not fair to other ELIGIBLE college athletes, particularly the student who loses a scholarship so he can 'train' with USC this fall.

If he was wronged, he should seek reinbursement from the NFL, or his advisors. If he wasn't wronged, just relax Mike. You'll be fine after the next draft.
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