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Default Re: Blue Crew Bengal Hunt! Wild Card Tailgate!

Originally Posted by silvrhand View Post
Bring some meat for the grill, we always have chicken, burgers, fajitas, and usually riblets. If you want to just add to the mix that works, or bring something different go for it.

- Bottles of Water
- Free Beer
- Napkins, paper plates, silverware, Plastic Cups
Meat only.......check
Bottled Water........check
Free beer???? WTF?!?! Where do I receive this?
Napkins, plates, etc........gotcha

What I'm thinking is to come up Kirby, drop off my peeps and the loot and I'll go park in RED LOT alone and walk over. <shrug>

I would snag my kid's wagon and pull the loot over but then when its time to goto the game I'm stuck with the dang wagon......too lazy for all of that.
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