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Default Re: Wade IS More Valuable Than Kubiak

Originally Posted by GP View Post
I do wonder what would happen IF the next draft was almost exclusively OFFENSE and Gary got to cherry pick a lot of WRs, TEs, RBs, whatever was best available in each round. Maybe RIGHT TACKLE should be factored in, as well.

He essentially got ONE pick in the previous draft (TJ Yates) and by golly he might not have hit a home run with Yates (yet) but it has been a good plug for the leaking ship known as Texans QB.

Imagine if we did some draft day wheeling and dealing and got Blackmon from Oklahoma State? Kid is the best version of Andre Johnson that's available right now, IMO. Let the Colts have Andrew Luck...I think we could get our Andre Johnson version 2.0 and do better than their Peyton Manning version 2.0

Just weighing in on this scuffle between who is more valuable. I'd like to see Kubiak go balls to the wall in the next draft. If that means shedding some weight off our roster, such as Jacoby Jones gets released and even maybe a sign and trade of Mario Williams to then also couple maybe another big draft pick to get into Blackmon range, I'm game for that. Wade Phillips can identify talent, folks. I don't think Mario Williams and his contract, and his play overall, are as valuable to us as getting some HUGE playmaking ability in a WR.

AJ is declining. Let's not make the same mistake the Colts made with sticking with Manning longer than they should have. Right? I'm not getting personal on Mario here. It's just business. And to me, business dictates that the run we had with Mario was great...but this is a league for the young, and there's a WR out there in this draft class that I think could grow into AJ version 2.0. We need more firepower on offense.
Good post. I think they need to spend some picks on offense next draft, as well. Especially WR and RT.

I hated that Jacoby was re-signed. But, I think they stick with him for at least another year. I will never understand the love affair that they seem to have for him, but it is what it is. Their tendencies have indicated that they always give these type of players the so-called 'benefit of the doubt', and Jones will be no exception to their M.O.

Regarding Andre, he will retire as a Texan. I have absolutely no doubt of this, and McNair will keep him as long as AJ wants to be on the team. Hopefully his worth ethic, often compared to Jerry Rice's, is something that allows him to be productive until his late 30's. And this is just my perception, but I don't think he's got the normal WR ego that puts self ahead of team. So when the time comes for him to step to no. 2 because our new stud bull is hitting his prime, I honestly think he'd do it for the franchise. I could be wrong...dude doesn't tip, you know. (hehe)

Originally Posted by Nitrofish View Post
Well some more grown up posts from the drunks... How kewl.
I see you like to poke the bear. Funny that you would tag this forum as the "most elitist" that you have ever lurked, but then you join and immediately start talking down to long time members that helped build and make this place what is is today.

Texan Bill is a solid dude and someone that many of us consider a friend. You will not meet a nicer guy at a tailgate or a bigger Texans fan.

See, this forum has something interesting going in that it's not a typical internet message board. We know each other in real life. We hold each other accountable simply because we know and see each other and respect each other.

I have no idea if you have any desire to form true friendships with other Texans fans on this forum. That's your business. But many of us have each other's backs, regardless of how much we might argue and debate around here. In the end, we respect each other, and that is something earned, not bestowed.

Originally Posted by Nitrofish View Post
It's 100% OK in their mind as armchair atheletes to criticize or 2nd guess Kubiak, but I should not dare question or criticize them.
None of us play the games, make personnel decisions, or call plays. We are merely fans. We react. And we get together on this board to chat about what happened and what might happen, what we perceive, and what we would like or dislike to see.

So yeah, criticism and/or analysis of any given aspect of the Houston Texans is the reason this board exists. Not to gossip or talk trash about each other (unless it's in obvious jest, of course. We do like to have fun with it). If disrespecting people is your thing, perhaps the muddy swampland of the official board is more for you.

There is a reason most of us hang out here. This used to be the official board until the corporate overlords decided otherwise. Through the owner and members of the original Texans Talk and their very gracious invitation, the history migrated here. Perhaps you have no desire for a history lesson. Just comprehend that relationships are deep around these parts, and while we always welcome new folks and outsiders, we can also circle the wagons when required.

Originally Posted by gary View Post
In the mind of Nitrofish no one should ever have an opinion or criticise anyone ever. Is that right?
There is blood in the water...

Originally Posted by Mr teX View Post
This isn't baseball where the move you make as a manager is pretty much set in stone & is blatantly obvious. There were tons of reasons why that last drive, you do what was done.

#1 the most're depending on a 3rd string rookie qb. The mention of that alone should be enough but lets elaborate. Yates has been shaky at best these last 2 games as teams have started to get more tape on him & take away what he likes to do. Do you really want him slinging it around after he just came off a game where he threw 2 picks...1 of which in the red zone? Going further, on that last drive he luckily escaped an int on tipped pass to Walter that wound up in JJ's hands to convert our only 3rd down of the night. Oh, by the way, if you go back & look at that pass, it was horrifically inaccurate......well behind KW & i'm honestly surprised KW even got a hand on it.

#2 Your o-line has been pass blocking pretty pathetic...Winston had already given up a sack fumble (& he had help with a chip from Dressen too) & Caldwell was getting eaten alive in pass & run blocking. We were already in FG range at that point...make sure to get the points, don't let anyone screw that up...which leads into reason # 3.

#3 you're already winning the game....barely...but you're winning & your #1 ranked defense at this point in the season is the strength of your team. what's wrong with Leaning on that?

#4 & people haven't even looked at this.... scoring a TD would've likely sealed the game but even if we do score 7 on that last drive, the colts still could've come back to tie it up if they somehow march down the field, score a TD & are successful on a 2 pt. conversion.....but who's thinking that's even possible at this point? They hadn't seen the end zone all day, they have no TO's & they have Dan freakin' Orlovsky at the helm.....Oops.

#5 running the ball wasn't just about going into a shell & trying to run clock to barely get out of there. I think it had more to do with get the ball in your best playmaker's hands i.e. Arian Foster who'd already run all over the Colts defense to the tune of 100+ yards & a TD. The only thing you can argue here is that he could've done the same thing in the passing game as well.........but is hitting arian on 3 yd. screen plays & square ins really opening the playbook up? Nope, its just a long hand off is all.

#6 Last year after the game monday night against the colts, all we heard from fans is "why did Kubiak only give Arian 5 carries in the 2nd half?" or something to that effect; this was largely based on the well known fact that the Colts couldn't stop the run & Arian was a monster. This year the colts defense is arguably even worse than it was last year & we try to take advantage of that & what do we hear??? "oh, well he should've opened the playbook & passed downfield more.." Are you kidding me?

Honestly, i believe some of you guys don't know if you're coming or going.
Good takes. However, I think the problem with putting shackles on Yates last game was that it seemed to undermine what he appeared to be in his two wins. He engineered late game drives, and obviously the game against the Bengals will cement his legacy as a Texan regardless of what happens to his career after this point.
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