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While yes it might be "fun" to watch Carr open it up down field, I just don't think that we "have" to do so. Given the fact that we have 2 WRs with sub 4.4 speed and another one around 4.5-4.6 and hands like glue, it would be "smart" to let Carr start looking down field more often than not. But where would a great team such as that be without a good running game. Last year at times I can see where you said "our goal was to somehow keep the game close ... and run the ball just to keep the clock going." It might not seem like much fun to the average fan but that is how you win football games. Every championship team has proved that you cannot get there without a good running game. Two years ago the Buccs showed up and suprised everyone when they gave Michael Pittman the ball. Yes it seem boring and lackluster, but if it works who are we to complain? Personnaly I don't care how we win just as long as we do.
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