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well taylors contract isn't very good if you look at the other top 5 picks

1. eli huge deal, 20 mil guranteed
2. gallery huge deal, not sure on the numbers
3. fitzgerald, possible 60 mil
4. rivers, wants 1st pick money
5. taylor, only a possible 40 mil, and i emphasise the only
6. winslow turned down taylor's deal

the problem with this year's draft is that all of these players were told that they were the best players in the draft by different teams, so then they think that they deserve 1st pick money. if the money mattered so much to taylor then he souldn't have signed first and waited to see what everyone else got. corrosion, gibbs does have to deal with poston, he is also lavar's agent and they had a big abbitration (sp) trial this summer over some money.

as for d hall, if you ever hear the guy talk then you can tell were he got his nickname from, as for the closest db to deion "primetime" sanders, i would have to say phillip "showtime" buchanon, just ask dieon.
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