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Default Re: Penn State Child Sex Case

Originally Posted by Vinny View Post
A graduate assistant testifies to a Grand Jury that he heard "rythmic slapping noises" in the shower and saw Sandusky with a 10 year old kid up against the wall in a manner that cops frisk perps and he was being raped. He immediately called his Father and THEY BOTH went to Paterno's house for a meeting. If you are to believe Paterno I'm not sure you are using logic. Let's say he just stopped their story short and told them "I don't want to hear the details, but I'll pass on your allegation to my boss". Logic states that Paterno is a man of deep integrity and is a cultural institution in a powerful University. Why would Paterno do this? He wouldn't. Paterno would ask a few questions if they beat around the bush. If they told him that there was a 10 year old kid in the shower with his Coach, you don't think that he'd want to know everything that happened? Paterno didn't get to be a great head coach by skipping over the main details of any problem to be solved.

It's a massive, gigantic leap of logic to think Paterno didn't know based on the testimony to a grand jury by all the parties. Paterno's ability to hide behind a loophole in a poorly written law that helps large corporations and institutions is another sad, sad issue in itself. I mean why is the law crafted so that anyone in any institution can just say, "I told my boss" and that exonerates him from his duty to protect ten year old children? What kind of crap law is this? All it does is help people pass the buck. I don't remember what the law is called but it needs to be renamed the "pass the buck" law. Its friggin' disturbing that so many stupid people write our laws and "protect" our children with yet more servings of corporate helper.

Last point, I think it is a stretch to believe that a man of deep integrity, a leader of Men, a man who has built a life on hard work and fairness would not wonder why nobody called the police after he reported this to his "boss". If you stretch your logic enough you can believe that Joe Paterno wasn't told the entire truth in that meeting at his house so many years ago.

If you haven't read this, you don't know anything. Not directing that at you herv...just to those who haven't read the Grand Jury's findings. Keep in mind, that was 11 months ago and Sandusky was on JoePa's campus as short a period as two weeks ago.
I read the above post. I don't have time to read 23 pages of the PDF you linked to.

I know you're not happy with the Pass The Buck Situation, but it is what it is. In places where children are interacting with adults, such as schools, you are to tell your authority (an administrator) of possible indecencies that you suspect are going on with children and adults at your place of work.

Telling me I am brainwashed for trusting the person I report to, to trust that they would do the proper thing and report it to the authorities, is a slap to my face. By your reasoningm we can trust NOBODY. We must take the law into our own hands and get the police involved.

All I want to know, out of that 23 pages of PDF is this: DID JOE PATERNO PERSONALLY CATCH OR SEE SANDUSKY RAPING A KID IN A SHOWER? From what I know, and I'm going on TV reports, someone told Paterno and Paterno then told an official about it. He was not passing the buck, he was doing a normal thing by getting the proper school officials involved and trying to get some backup so that perhaps the school could find the young man who witnessed the indecency and ask HIM about it, personally.

I don't appreciate your hostility to me over this. Hell, one of the reasons I am home schooling my kids is because I believe I can raise them better than a stranger can. So give me an ounce of credit for protectig my kids from the creeps who are out there preying on kids. Don't you sit there and type shit and act like I would ever condone anal rape of MY kids and that I am brainwashed if I think reporting it to a school official, and not reporting it to cops, is not enough. That was uncalled for. Period.

People have been known to make shit up all the time, just to get back at somebody they have a beef with. In this scenario, Paterno (again, from what I know off the TV reports) said he heard the rumor and he passed it to an official.

As far as allowing Sandusky to continue campus visits, I'm at a loss on that one and it doesn't look good at all. But who anointed Paterno with the decision making power to say he can or cannot come to campus anymore? Maybe Sandusky was being protected by higher powers at PSU???? You can only do so much, which is why he should have quit a long time ago...something I talked about earlier that was a potential way out for JP.
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