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Default Re: Penn State Child Sex Case

Originally Posted by Super Mario View Post
JoePA is a freaking liar and an awful human being. Same goes for the 2 executives. An assistant tells you he saw a kid getting buttf#$@#ed in your football showers and you dont do everything in your power to make sure this guy never see's the light of day?

I dont buy all the "I was told it was inappropriate touching" garbage. You were told exactly what the assistant saw, and went into self preservation mode. Despicable.
But how would a guy like Paterno go about the process of "doing the right thing?"

It seems so easy, us sitting here saying he should have done this and he should have done that. Follow along for a second....

1. You're the head coach of Penn State. You're the oldest active college coach, it's all you know. It's who you are. Penn State, when people think about the name, they see an image of Paterno's face with the big nose and the 1960s eye glasses, and the broad smile. Your bowl appearances and bowl wins are vast and legendary.

2. Somebody approaches you and says they saw Sandusky violating an underage boy in a shower.

3. Shit. I should tell someone about this. But who? So I talk to someone, and I begin to realize this goes deeper than just Sandusky. It's not just some sad man named Sandusky getting his kicks off underage boys. In fact, this thing is WAY DEEP. Big names, big money, people who know people who know PEOPLE. Something out of a Grisham novel. Hell, I begin to wonder if I've screwed up just by talking to a couple people about the allegations.

4. I should quit. To hell with this, and all of the garbage that could evolve out of it. I'm a legend. I've done enough, and if I can't talk to anyone and if it wouldn't do any good even if I tried...then I'm out of here. I can at least walk away knowing that I would not support it in an indirect manner.

5. But wait a second. Why do I have to go away when I ain't done nothing wrong? I'm not guilty. I'm a coach, I'm here to represent the school and I know that I, Joe Paterno, take good care of those parents' kids who send their boys to play for Penn State. Heck, I MUST stay here so that I can make sure that I keep my eyes on things and maintain some normalcy.

Flash forward to current day....

6. What's this letter? It says to call a number in 15 minutes. So I call it, and a voice on the other tells me that I am fired. Just like that. Couldn't even do it to my face, like real men would. Oh I see, so this is how it ends? Some pervert and his whacko buddies with money and power, guys I don't run with and never would run with, are in such a deep mess that now I am also guilty for having been here when they were. I should have retired a long time ago. Dammit. I should have left it all behind.

7. But I am a good man. I did nothing wrong. I had to be there to be GOOD example for young men. I'm a football coach. It's what I do. I should have walked away, but I couldn't.


Just remember, he's like 80-something-years-old. I think for some people, their world really IS as simple as this: I'm a coach. It's what I do. I wake up in the morning, grab coffee, hit the office and look at scouting reports. Drills. Practice. Hit the office again, meet with a recruit, go home and eat dinner. Rinse and repeat. When I think of that sort of person, I think of Joe Paterno--A guy who would be carried out of PSU with a sheet over his dead body one day, not because of a school shooting...but because he died at age 98 while watching game film in his office.

Couple this with what he might have found out is a system SO HUGE and so vast in its reach, and you walk away understanding that sometimes the decision a guy like Paterno "should have made" is not as easy as it sounds.

I'm just sort of saddened that Penn State has so quickly gone the route of cleansing the place so deeply.

Is there even more stuff on Paterno than what we know right now? Not that he was participating or anything, just saying that maybe he's a LOT more complicit than we'd like to believe (even if his complicity was minor in the grand scheme of things).

I suppose PSU felt it had to remove Paterno because of the past affiliation with Sandusky--When you think of Sandusky, you think of Paterno's better years at PSU...therefore he's guilty, in a sense, by mere association with Sandusky.

I believe in simplicity. I think we all do. But carrying out a simplistic idea, such as "I should have quit," or "I should tell the police, or a school administrator" is simple on its face. Complex in the details of actually going through with it.

If Paterno is innocent, meaning he had no direct involvement with this yucky stuff, and his only flaw was (a) not retiring, or (b) not putting the weight of the universe on his shoulders and spending his life and finances on trying to hire people to expose the ring of corruption surrounding Sandusky, then I'm glad he got fired and he can now live the last few years of his life with his wife and let Penn State clean up ITS OWN DAMN MESS.

I just can't understand why people are extending the vitriole toward Paterno, as if it was his sole responsibility to make things right. Yes, by LAW you are supposed to tell someone. And IIRC, the sports media reports said that Paterno DID go and tell someone in the administration. If so, then he followed procedure. It was then the responsibility of the person he told--the administrator--to take it forward and alert the authorities. If things are true about how Paterno DID tell someone at PSU about what he had heard about Sandusky and the shower incident, then what else could Paterno do to be cleared of charges in the minds of the public?

One last thing: I suppose we can also say that Paterno didn't know when to quit. Someone was going to have to make that decision for him. He said he wanted to retire after this season, but we all sort of giggle at that assertion by JoePa. Thus, the school decided to be rid of him and remove a tie to the past; a tie to Sandusky. It was the smart play by PSU, even if it looks like they're sacrificing Paterno for no good reason.
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