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Hm, I don't see the Cowboys bein bust. Vinny or especially Drew Henson would be a better QB, now they have 2 better RB's, their o-line is better. Their D is better in my opinion, Pete Hunter should be better than Mario last year, and Donald Mitchell is back along with some rookies. 49ers are gonna be terrible this year, sorry. Too many young people at the WR position. They'll have big games, but won't be consistent enough. Falcons are capable of bein the suprise team altho its no suprise, cause they diden't have Vick last year. Many teams could be the suprise team, you never know. The only team I see as a for sure, not gonna change, is the Patriots, cause if anything, they got better. I think Tampa will suprise some people, even with the loss of Lynch and Sapp and Johnson, I also do not see the Eagles winning the superbowl even with Kearse and T.O. - They got two 2nd year players starting at corner with a rookie in the nickelback, it won't be lk having Taylor/Vincent and those 2 as the nickelbacks, so I see that as a bit of a weakness. Texans need Carr to step it up this year, if he does they will definately be playoff potential, it's all on his shoulders, hes got the weapons, they got some experience, time to earn those big bucks. My sleeper for the year to make it close to the superbowl is the Ravens
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