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Default Re: The "Should I do this trade thread"

Originally Posted by Super Mario View Post
Update: Looks like we are doing Brady for AJ straight up. He needs a top WR since Britt went down and he wants to start Cam Newton.
Originally Posted by Dutchrudder View Post
So are you going to try to sell Schaub for a WR? Cause that other trade with Fitz, Brady and Bradshaw looks pretty good.
That's the one my eyes almost jumped out of my head at. Fitz is close in skill to Megatron, Bradshaw isn't too much worse than Matthews, and Brady is the best QB in the league. Winning!!

Anyway, I still like your trade of Brady for AJ straight up but like Dutch said, I'd find someone with a crappy QB and offer them Schaub for a WR. Your WR depth is taking a huge hit losing AJ.

Originally Posted by ultimatepaki View Post
Someone offered me AJ + roddy white for matt forte (he's winless so he wants to blow up his team)

Notable members on my team:
qb: schaub, bradford
rb: forte, fred jackson, Chris johnson
wr: vincent jackson, stevie johnson, mike williams (tb), nate washington

i'm kind of tempted to do this. i was thinking if that trade went through I'd be able to flip one of the wrs for a qb as someone is trying to trade stafford.

should I go for it? (there's something to be said for standing pat as I haven't lost yet, but I'm always looking to improve)
No question. You've got Chris Johnson and Fred Jackson to start for you.
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