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Default Re: The "Should I do this trade thread"

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Alright, I declined the Mendenhall trade and asked around in the league (most of our guys don`t trade as well) - and Ive found one that might be interesting. First again, here is my situation:

Since Jamaal Charles went out I have a problem at HB. Right now my 2 starters are Beanie Wells (just had a great game but injury prone) and Cedric Benson who might be out for 3 weeks. Behind them I have Michael Bush and just picked up Stevan Ridley.

Now, my depth at WR is pretty good with Hakeem Nicks, Brandon Marhsall, Steve Smith (Car), Plaxico Burress, Devin Hester and Michael Crabtree. My depth at TE is exceptionally good with Rob Gronkowski and Owen Daniels.

So now someone offered me Lagarette Blount for Hakeem Nicks, or Jahvid Best for Steve Smith. What do you think? Id really like to cash in on my TE situation and offer something like:

Brandon Marshall and Rob Gronkowski for Lagarette Blount and Jordy Nelson

Not sure if he would bite since he is ok at TE with Jason Witten.

So, what would you guys do?
Sorry I didn't comment. Because your depth is good at WR, a trade like that wouldn't be bad, but I'd really try and get someone better than Blount for Marshall and Gronkowski. I mean that is a top 10 fantasy TE and a top 10 fantasy WR. No, you won't get Run-DMC or Peterson for that package, but maybe a Chris Johnson (since he is having a down year), Michael Turner, MJD, or maybe even Forte. Blount simply isn't enough IMO.
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