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Default Re: The "Should I do this trade thread"

Originally Posted by Dutchrudder View Post
That's tough to evaluate without the rest of your team posted. I don't know if you can afford to downgrade your RB1 for CJ. Also, without AJ the next couple weeks, Schaub's value is going to drop a lot.
I have Lesean McCoy and Ahmad Bradshaw at RB. Also, I have Fitz, Brandon Marshall, and Santana Moss at WR. My defense is the Eagles (EPIC FAIL).

My thinking is a downgraded Schaub is better than an every week Flacco or Roesthlisberger. My QBs are killing me, and I feel like I'd be better off with a lineup like this each week:

QB: Schaub
RB: Lesean McCoy, Chris Johnson
Flex: Ahmad Bradshaw or Desean Jackson (depending on matchups)
WR: Fitz, Brandon Marshall, Desean Jackson, Santana Moss (start 2 depending on matchups or trade Marshall and Jackson for a better #2)
D/ST: Lions
K: Janikowski
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