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Default Defensive match-up question

Assuming that the defense is in a standard formation (4-3, or 3-4) and Andre Johnson (excellent receiver and blocker) is lined up on the same side as the tight end.

I assume that in man coverage, they generally cover Johnson with the corner and the tight end with an outside linebacker and have a safety over top.

What happens if they invert Johnson and the tight end?

If they leave the corner split out on the tight end, split wide, Johnson would kill them running paterns from the slot against an outside linebacker and a safety.

If they put the outside linebacker out wide on the tight end, split out wide, it would create an excellent running opportunity, plus the tight end would kill the linebacker in coverage with that much open space.

If they try to put the safety on the tight end, split out wide, they would have effectively dictated single coverage for Johnson, going deep post.

Any ideas? On television broadcasts it's difficult to see full formations and shifts.
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