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Originally Posted by Fiddy
Lets play a little over/under

my predictions in bold

Carr's stats
3300-1/2 yards passing under not by much
15-1/2 TD passes over
15-1/2 INT under

AJ's stats
1150-1/2 yards receiving over
9-1/2 TDs under

DD's stats
1400-1/2 yards rushing under
12-1/2 rushing TDs under

Hollings' stats
600-1/2 yards rushing over not by much
5-1/2 rushing TDs under

Robinson's stats
3-1/2 INTs under
20-1/2 passes defensed over

Babin stats
95-1/2 tackles over
7-1/2 sacks even

I didnt know how to write the sack number
I think David will throw over 3300 yards. AJ will have atleast 10 TDs. I know many won't agree with me on this but i think AJ will surprise everyone. Babin will have under 95-1/2 tackles b/c the improved DL will be making many more tackles than last season which will take away some tackles from all LBs.
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