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Default Re: The "Should I do this trade thread"

Sweet! I am pretty happy. The guy ended up accepting the trade of Darren Sproles (I'll miss him but he simply wasn't going to start for me), Reggie Bush, and Mike Williams for Brandon Marshall and Daniel Thomas.

I definitely feel like I won this deal, although the other guy didn't have much to lose as he has a pretty solid WR core (Reggie Wayne, Steve Smith CAR, Brandon Lloyd, and now Mike Williams TB) and Sproles will easily be his 2nd best RB as right now he was starting Peyton Hillis, Pierre Thomas, and The Law Firm (poor guy had Jamaal Charles). League is PPR as well so Sproles has more value.

Definitely happy with the trade though, and I like the potential of Daniel Thomas as he can definitely be a spot starter and Marshall is now my every week starter at WR along with Fitz.

Anyway, let's hear about the rest of your teams. I'd love to offer what little advice I can give to any of you or just see what your teams look like.

Rep to you that have commented too! Thanks a ton for making the decision easier!
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