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Default Re: The "Should I do this trade thread"

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Oh damn, you got a lot of bidders, eh? I would be concerned about DJax cause Vick is uncertain and he hasn't been doing much anyways. Steve Smith of Carolina looks pretty good so far but it's hard choice between him and Marshall. Both are #1 options that get a lot of yards but not a lot of TDs. I think Smith is in the better position though due to better QB play.

So could you get D Thomas and Smith? Cause I would avoid getting 2 players from either the Panthers or Dolphins. Dolphins are 0-3 without much to prove the rest of the season, the Panthers seem like they will be more competitive down the stretch. Although, the Dolphins just claimed Slaton, so I dunno. I like Smith more than the other guys mentioned, just because I think Cam will be playing 100% every week from here on out. The Dolphins may go for Luck, as they are leading the race on that one...

IMHO, Smith and Stewart/Thomas would be a good get for Sproles, Bush and whatever WR you don't want. (I'd hang on to Williams over the other guys you listed) SS just had a bad week thanks to the torrential rain storm. I expect him to contribute the rest of the season barring injury. He's put up awesome numbers so far.

Good luck!
Thanks man! I'd rep you, but I've given out too much in 24 hours.

I'm curious if everyone else is as down on Bowe as you are. I like him. Cassel isn't great, but he's been pretty good at getting Bowe the ball in the RZ. Then again, I am in a PPR so guys that catch a lot of balls are valuable.

Maybe I should just stick with what I have. I think the only deal that might be worth it would be Sproles, Williams, and Bush for Brandon Marshall or Steve Smith and maybe Daniel Thomas. That's a possibility. Hmmmm....
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