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Default Re: The "Should I do this trade thread"

Originally Posted by Dutchrudder View Post
What does your lineup look like? 2 RB, 2 WR and flex? PPR? Do you get points for return yards and TDs?

I would think with McCoy, DMC and Sproles or Bradshaw would dominate in most leagues alone. Stewart is crap, Bush is looking like crap, so I dunno. You could counter with Decker and Sproles for Bowe and some crap RB (so he doesn't feel like he's giving up much). Unless the guy really wants Bush, just throw him in for kicks then pick up someone on the wire. Either way, I don't think this is a great deal. Waste of a WR slot in Bowe. KC isn't going to be good this year, look for another WR.
Thanks man. You really don't like Bowe, huh!

Really appreciate your advice and am going to take it. Granted, Stewart has looked better the last two weeks and has a little upside (he did run for 1000 yards a few years ago). I am in a PPR (0.5) and yes, DMC, McCoy, and Bradshaw have been killing it for me. I have never started Sproles and probably won't other than in bye weeks.

So you don't think Bowe is better than what I have in Moss and Mike Williams?

My lineup looks like this:

QB: Flacco or Roesthlisberger
RB: McCoy
Flex: Bradshaw
WR: Fitz
WR: Moss
K: Janikowski
D/ST: Eagles

Only area I feel I need to improve is WR2.

So would you do the deal if it was Desean Jackson instead?

Also, I may have the option to do the same deal except get Daniel Thomas instead of Stewart and get either Steve Smith CAR or Brandon Marshall. Which of those deals do you think is best?

Thanks a ton man and sorry for all the questions!
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