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Default Re: The "Who should I start" thread

Originally Posted by El Tejano View Post
Ok. Here's what I got. Who can help me?

I had to get rid of Kenny Britt so I picked up WR Torrey Smith as a result. Wanted some insurance at WR because losing Kenny Britt was big. I saw Julio Jones so I picked him up and dropped Derrick Ward to get him.

So my receivers are:
Jordy Nelson vs. Denver
Brandon Marshall vs. San Diego
Vincent Jackson vs. Miami
Torrey Smith vs. NYJ
Julio Jones vs. Sea

My runningbacks are:
Ray Rice vs NYJ
Beanie Wells vs. NYG
Ben Tate vs. Pittsburgh
Cadillac Williams vs. Washington

Who do I start?
Tough one. Ray Rice definitely. I'd also definitely start V-Jax.

Do you need to start two RBs and 3 WRs, two RBs and two WRs and a flex, or what? Would help to know that.
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