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Default Re: im done with schaub

Originally Posted by panamamyers View Post
These same people that think Schaub does great are also the ones that would go to their grave thinking that David Carr was a great qb too and he just needed help.

Schaub would not start for very many teams around the league. Quit listening to 610 and being brainwashed into thinking that Schaub is some great qb. He's an average qb that can be your qb until you get a Super Bowl caliber qb, nothing more and nothing less.

Watch the game again yesterday and pretend like you are watching the Redskins and Dallas. Forget that it is Matt Schaub or that it is the Texans. Watch the one qb come unraveled and choke down the stretch while the other wins the game.

Doesn't matter if the Texans scored 55 points. The Saints kept coming and scored more. Green Bay had to score a lot to beat the Saints too, but guess what they kept scoring. They have a qb. We don't.
And you are basing this on conversations with all 30 GMs? Almost everything you put in this post is based on your emotion and not on facts.

Fact 1. Most experts put him on the next level of QBs after Manning, Brees, Brady, Rivers, and Rogers.

Fact 2. Schaub has many , MANY times led clutch drives in the 4th quarter. Losing because the opponent gets the ball back and scores doesn't mean he's not clutch.

Fact 3. Yesterday the Texans came back and scored to take the lead late in the 4th. It's not clear to me why you consider that a choke job. QBs never throw an INT in the 4th? Or is not scoring a TD with 2 min left in the Superdome a choke job?

Fact 4. The Texans are averaging 30 points a game. Apparently you believe they are a 40 point a game talent team and Schaub is holding them back. Sorry to burst your bubble, but they are not. Brees had tons of time and guys wide open on those last drives, Schaub did not.
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