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Default Re: The "Who should I start" thread

Should I pick up Gronkowski? I have OD and Hernandez but Hernandez is out.

Too many guys I want to pick up. Let me list my team, and I'd appreciate it if you guys would help me decide if I should drop anyone to pick up someone.

QB: Roesthlisberger, Flacco
RB: McCoy, McFadden, Bradshaw, Michael Bush, Reggie Bush, Ladainian Tomlinson, Darren Sproles
WR: Larry Fitzgerald, Mike Williams, Santana Moss, Eric Decker
TE: Owen Daniels, Aaron Hernandez (on IR)
D/ST: Philadelphia Eagles
K: Janikowski

Guys I want to maybe pickup are Gronkowski and Denarius Moore. What should I do?
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