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Default Re: The "What do you think of my trade" thread

Thanks for the comments everyone. Rep to all of you that commented!

Now I have another possible trade going on and need your advice on whether or not I should pull the trigger.

This guy is potentially offering me Maurice Jones Drew, Kevin Kolb, and Jordy Nelson for Ben Roesthlisberger, Ahmad Bradshaw, and Darren Sproles. I could also potentially get him to do Matt Forte instead of Jones Drew.

The guy badly needs a QB (he drafted Manning), and I personally am high on both Jones Drew and Forte. I also really like Jordy Nelson and am fine with Kolb during my bye week with Flacco as my every week starter.

So what do you think? My weekly lineup would look something like this:

Joe Flacco
Maurice Jones Drew
LeSean McCoy
Darren McFadden
Larry Fitzgerald
Mike Williams/Santana Moss
Owen Daniels/Aaron Hernandez
Eagles D
Sebastian Janikowski

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