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Default Re: The "Who should I start" thread

Originally Posted by Dutchrudder View Post
Hernendez for sure. The Texans appear to be doing a TE by committee setup this year, somewhat like the Patriots, but the Patriots have better pass-catching TEs and a better QB. With Foster back, OD will probably only get 2-4 targets like he did against the Colts. Walter got one catch last week, that's it. Not a lot more to spread around, unless the Texans are playing from behind.
Man, you are REALLY down on OD.

My prediction is you are going to be dead wrong. He is our second best receiver, bar none, and the only reason he didn't get many targets last week is Schaub sucked when he was actually throwing the ball and the Colts sucked even worse.

Start OD. I have OD and Jermaine Gresham (who has the skills to be a top TE ala Vernon Davis and seems to have the trust of Dalton), but no way am I giving up on OD yet. What I find funny is some people seem to be higher on Jimmy Graham than OD, yet Brees spreads the ball around WAY more than Schaub. You can't really count on any of the Aints receivers.

Yes, start Owen. I'm not saying he most certainly will score more points than Hernandez but NO WAY does OD have another week like last week. If I'm wrong, Dutch, I will certainly eat me some crow and ***** and moan about drafting Owen.
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