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Default Re: Another "Rate My Draft" Thread w/ Poll

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I give it a B-, for some of the reasons already given. Like you said about the first 3 rounds of my draft, I repeat the same to you. Its absolutely rediculous McFadden was available in the middle of round 3 in a PPR league. Even if it is .5 PPR. Turner, Vincent Jackson, and Mike Wallace all went too early IMO. Having the luxury of choosing between LeSean McCoy and Ray Rice at pick 5 is a gift. Honestly there is no wrong pick there, even though I have Ray Rice rated higher, Lesean McCoy is really freaking close. I would have got with Santana Moss 1 round earlier, but it didn't matter cuz you got him later anyway, so thats another bump in points.

I knocked you for the Defense, Meacham, Owen Daniels, and LT. I'll take flack for saying it, but here are my reasons. The Defense stick has been beaten to death already. Buuuut, if you had taken the 9ers you would have had a great week 1 matchup (Seahawks and Tavaris Jackson), The Cardinals also have an easy opening schedule. The guy who took the Texans will probably be playing the DEF waiver wire game all season long too, you too could have fun trying to out waiver wire each other.

Meacham. I know with Colston being hurt, (as well as some other receivers) Meacham is the sexy play in NO, but saints WR's are too unpredictable to rely on IMO. The first target in the NO offense this year is going to be the TE Jimmy Graham. Followed by the Running backs, the you have a crapshoot at which WR Brees is in love with during this particular game. I personally would pick up Earl Bennett.

Owen Daniels. I'm not knocking Owen as a fantasy player, I think he'll have a great season points wise. I'm down on the pick you used for him. With other draftable TE's still on the board, you could have waited on Owens Talent, or at the very least gotten a Jimmy Graham or even Brandon Pettigrew waaay later. Even kept an eye on Lance Kendricks.
The TE position was so deep this season that I actually knocked all TE's down a few pegs on my draft board.

LT- Stick a fork in him, he's about to be done. He'll be worth playing at the beginning of the season, but only as a bye replacement, after about week 8 or so I'm expecting him to be a non factor. Watch the waiver wire and get a replacement when you can
Thanks man. Rep your way. Great breakdown.

Only comments I will make is I personally don't see how you can knock someone for a 14th round pick. Those guys are complete gambles anyway. There aren't really any sure things in the late rounds. Same goes for LT, although he was picked a bit higher than Meachem. But think of it this way if he can play and get me some Ws (which he will only play if I have some major injuries) in the first few weeks, then I'd consider the pick a success. Once again, the late round pick is a gamble. Even small victories (like early season wins) make the late picks worth it.

You are the first to mention the OD pick as a negative. I guess we'll have to wait and see. I picked him because at that point, I had starters at every position except defense and kicker and figured he was worth a shot. If he is healthy and plays well, he is a top 5 TE. He is our #2 option and has the potential to put up top 3 fantasy numbers. If Clark is without Manning, then OD, Vernon Davis, and Witten are pretty much in a dead heat for the #2 spot behind Gates (since Finley is never healthy). I guess I could have had Ryan Matthews or Mario Manningham which may have been a better decision.

Oh and I agree with you about McFadden. I was ecstatic when he was there in the 3rd. McCoy, McFadden, and Fitz are a VERY solid core in a PPR league. Probably one of the best cores in PPR format.
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