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I had Darren McFadden 9th on my board, Lesean McCoy 4th. When he slipped to the second I had a heart attack. Romo and Desean Jackson were LOL picks, I didn't notice DeSean till later, probably because I wasn't expecting him. I can sort of understand combing Desean Jackson with Mike Vick, but he probably could have waited a round. If Desean returns kicks again this year, he might be worth that spot (you get a point every 10 yards, which I didn't notice till after the draft). The guy who picked Romo was the only Cowboys Fan in the league. I was kinda hoping I could take Felix Jones with my 4th round pick, but the guy I had been talking to about him nabbed him in the 3rd, jerk
Oh I am with you, man. I am high on both McFadden and McCoy as I have them both on my team. I just can't believe McCoy went after McFadden. I got Run-DMC in the 3rd round. Desean and Romo are definite LOL picks.

I also got Schaub in the 6th, right before the last guy who needed a QB too. He had to settle for Eli Manning, and I feel like I ruined his draft bwahahaha, I pretty much kept tabs on what he had drafted, and was able to screw him over a few more times in the draft,

P.S. my guess is the run on QB's is what caused the rushed Manning/Romo Selections

P.P.S also the news about Manning possibly missing up to 5 weeks came out after the draft. His other QB is Flacco (haha). He's mostly just banking on Manning for the playoffs. 3rd place gets 60 bucks back, 2 place gets 100, 1st gets like 240 or something. 20 bucks each week to the owner who scored the most points, so you can win back your investment even if you don't place. Its kinda cool
That's awesome. Sounds like a really fun league. Nuts about Schaub though. Can't believe he fell to the same round as Eli.
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