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Well, I'm the only AFC south guy in this draft. Its a money league at work, and I put 60 bucks into it. I'm fairly certain 8 of the other 9 guys are serious about it as well. (one guy just drafted horribly though, like he only recognized names from Madden) They all have different views on who is good. Nearly everyone took a QB in the first 2 rounds, except for me and 2 other guys. I was shocked Fitz fell to me at the end of the second. Calvin Johnson was there too. Only 4 receivers were taken first 2 rounds. AJ, Hakeem Nicks, Larry Fitz, then Calvin Johnson.

I mostly went BPA on my draft board, except for the selections of Schaub and Graham. Schaub was the last starting caliber QB available and the guy behind me was one of the ones needing a QB too. So I snatched him. I was actually considering another RB2 talent when I pulled the trigger on Graham, because in my other leagues I was just waited till the last 2 rounds to get Kendricks and Hernandez. I'm glad I didn't wait in this one because they were gone before the 13th round this time

I had the second pick. Ray Rice was my top rated prospect so, AP was number 2, Foster number 3. When I saw I had the second pick I knew I was going to get someone I wanted. Peyton got picked in the second. I forgot Roddy white went in the second. By the time it got to my pick again, the only good RBs left were, you know what I'll just show you the first 3 rounds

AP, Ray Rice, Arian Foster, Chris Johnson, Jamaal Charles, AJ, Aaron Rodgers, Mike Vick, Darren McFadden, Drew Brees,
Roddy White, Phillip Rivers, Desean Jackson (confused him with Nicks), Maurice Jones Drew, Lesean McCoy (for one fleeting second I thought he was going to fall to me), Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Tony Romo (ahahahahahaha), Larry Fitz, Rashard Mendenhall
Round 3
Calvin Johnson, Frank Gore, Michael Turner, Steven Jackson, Dwayne Bowe, Lagerrete Blount, Peyton Hillis, Ahmad Bradshaw, Felix Jones, and Matt Forte.

So yeah, some people went way earlier than I thought they would, but the premium in this league is RB's with PPR potential and QB's. Alot of good receivers fell to the 4th, which explains how I got Miles Austin at the end of the 4th. Pretty much everyone is convinced their team is good. I'm fairly certain I have the best, if not one of the best.
Your team is definitely the best. There were some definite WTF picks that's for sure. McFadden, Romo, and Desean Jackson all went ridiculously early. Lesean McCoy almost falling to you is utterly ridiculous. ESPN just had an article of the most consistent RBs today, and McCoy was like #2 or 3 just behind AD.

I will say this though, draft positioning plays a huge part. Because in almost every draft, true second rounders fall to the early third, it is key to have an early third round pick. That is why you ended up with Gore at that pick, which was a GREAT selection IMO. When the guy is healthy, he is a top 5 RB. You being the only AFC South fan in your league helps a lot too. With Brees, Rodgers, Vick, Brady, Rivers, and Romo all gone, there is NO reason why Schaub should have lasted til late in the 4th. Also, NO WAY Manning should have been drafted before Schaub. The guy might not even play this season and if he does, is he going to be the Peyton Manning we all know and love. So that's why I said you must have had some suckers in your league that only look at the big names instead of the big time players.

Regardless, congrats on the GREAT draft!! If your guys stay healthy, especially Frank Gore, you are a definite championship contender.
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