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Prolly just trolling, nobody who knew anything about FF would grade that draft an F.

As for what I would do differently, yeah I would have been all over Hightower like Ron Dayne on a cheeseburger. But I just do not believe in drafting D early, there is a list of probably 20+ guys I would have taken instead there, Hightower, OchoCinco, Ingram, Julio Jones, etc...

Also no way I could have passed on Megatron in the 3rd. That's just me though, doesn't mean I'm going to be right.
Yeah I was really hurting over the Megatron pick. I love the guy and really considered drafting him, but I felt the depth at starting rb was a lot weaker than at starting wr. I counted like 15 wideouts at my pick in the 3rd that I was ok with being my starter compared to only about 6 running backs I was high on.

If I had it to do over again, I would have drafted Hightower in the 8th. I thought he'd make it to the 9th the way the draft was going and that the good Ds were about to get snatched up. I also would have gone Gore in the 2nd and Megatron in the 3rd. A healthy Frank Gore is a top 3-5 fantasy back. I just figured all the #1 WRs would be gone by the 3rd so I went with my 3rd ranked wideout in Fitz.

Still, I'm happy with it and have the depth at RB to make a trade should I need to. I tried to go best available, based on my draft board, in just about every round. I didn't look much at my position needs or anything for the most part. Just straight best available. I feel it is a definite B and a possible A.
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