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Default Re: Another "Rate My Draft" Thread w/ Poll

Originally Posted by Dutchrudder View Post
I like Charles and Rice more than McCoy this year, but that's just me.
Yeah, I struggled with that. I had Charles last year and with him and Foster, I won my fantasy league. But I actually had McCoy rated as my #3 running back simply because of his ability to catch the ball. He catches more passes than any other back which is valuable in a PPR even if it is only .5 PPR.

I still am struggling with the decision as I had Rice and McCoy neck and neck. I just went with my gut and went McCoy. We'll see if my gut was right.

Originally Posted by dc_txtech View Post
I like it.

Really solid picks until the 8th round IMO. I see where you're coming from with everyone in the league going for D early but if it were me I would just point, laugh, and grab whatever is left. Last year I grabbed SD off waivers and they were a top 5 D. Year before that I picked up GB and I believe they were a top 3 defense that season.

I personally like your depth. I think Moss is going to catch 100 balls this season and probably put up slightly better yards and TD numbers. Meachem is a late round flyer with high upside, I hear he is healthy for the first time in years and he's on a top passing offense. With Colston coming off his 3rd ACL repair I would say that makes Meachem a great value in the 14th round.

I think your RB's are ok, McCoy and Bradshaw should be work horses for you and if Run DMC can finally put together a complete season you could have quite the 3 headed monster. The two Bushes could prove to be surprises this season but I'm not a big fan of LT (or any other RB over 32).

Big Ben should be fine for you and I wouldn't be worried about Orton as your backup QB. If he comes out sucking this season then keep an eye on the waivers.

I gave it a B. If not for the early drafting of a defense it might have been an A.
Thanks man. Rep to both of you.

Once again, I agree with you in principle on the defense. I probably should have waited but honestly didn't see anyone else I wanted that I didn't think would be there later on. Sadly, I turned out to be wrong as I missed out on Hightower, Flacco, Ingram, and Bradford.

In some ways, I hate the league I'm in because not only does EVERYONE draft a backup QB, but they all seem to draft backup defenses too, which I think is ridiculous. All that is left on the waiver wire, had I not drafted a defense, is San Francisco, Bengals, Cowboys, Raiders, Rams, Cardinals, Redskins, Vikings, and a few other crappy teams. I too picked up the Chargers on waivers last year, and they did well for me. I just don't see any teams this year that could be the surprise team. 49ers are a maybe. We'll see I guess.

Curious who you would have drafted, with who all was available, in the 8th. Hightower?
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