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Default Re: Another "Rate My Draft" Thread w/ Poll

Originally Posted by Dutchrudder View Post
What is the starting lineup and what kind of point system do you use?
6 point TDs for all. .5 PPR. The rest are standard.

Starting lineup is:

QB Ben Roethlisberger
RB LeSean McCoy
RB Darren McFadden
RB/WR Ahmad Bradshaw
WR Larry Fitzgerald
WR Mike Williams
TE Owen Daniels
D Philadelphia Eagles
K Sebastian Janikowski

BN Santana Moss
BN Reggie Bush
BN Michael Bush
BN Robert Meachem
BN Kyle Orton (hated this pick but he was the best QB available to backup Big Ben in case he went down)
BN Ronnie Brown
BN Ladainian Tomlinson

With the Orton deal, that is one reason I hate my league. The guys go nuts on QBs and EVERYONE drafts a backup. Instead of leaving some guys in the free agent pool to pickup in case injuries occur or bye weeks, ALL the good QBs get drafted. Hell, I drafted Orton in the 12th and Kolb, Cutler, Bradford, Stafford, Flacco, and Eli were already freaking gone. So instead of being left with McNabb or Garrard or one of those guys, I went with Orton who looked great most of last year.

Originally Posted by Ryan View Post
Your depth at WR is worrisome. Despite the Eagles looking like a top tier defense, i still think you reached a bit on that one. They usually don't generate enough points for me to consider one before round 10. Team looks pretty solid after that. I'd consider dropping Ronnie Brown in exchange for a WR, although it seems like you picked him up as a handcuff to McCoy. If McCoy got injured, i still don't believe there would be enough production from Ronnie Brown to consider keeping. If there's no one of merit available at WR, just watch around the league carefully, and maybe try to catch a good one.

I actually like my WRs. Fitz pretty much never gets injured (knock on wood) and Williams looked great last year and is a possibility to put up #1 WR numbers. I was thrilled when Santana Moss was still available when I picked him as he looks to get a ton of targets once again this year. Also, Meachem could be a good pick if Colston can't stay healthy. After I drafted Santana, every time I had a WR targeted, someone would snatch him up a pick or two before me. So I decided to try and take best available as opposed to forcing a pick.

Here are some of the available WRs: Roscoe Parrish, Steve Breaston, Jason Hill, Kevin Walter, Mike Williams Sea, Donald Driver, Arrelious Benn, Emmanuel Sanders, Bernard Berrian, Steve Smith Phi, Earl Bennett (who I thought of drafting and looks to be Cutler's favorite target), Nate Washington, Nate Burleson, Jacoby Jones, Golden Tate, Danario Alexander, etc.

I struggled over whether or not it as worth it to draft Ronnie Brown. I drafted him in the final round so I figured he was worth a gamble.

I agree with you in principle on defense, but they kept getting snatched up. Guys in my league are crazy and don't seem to follow conventional draft wisdom. There basically are 4-5 top defenses and after that, they all pretty much are the same. I made it a priority to get one of those top 5 and had to draft Philly when I did. I wanted the Steelers but they freaking went a pick before me in the 7th.

Thanks for the input!
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