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I could make a TTalk league if there was enough interest. I run a 12 team league that's only $25 a person, and it seems to be going well. We have our draft tomorrow night 7pm, at BW3's on Washington. Speaking of which, one owner will likely be missing the draft and is sending me his sheets for autodraft (though we do it live). If you or anyone else is interested in drafting for him and using his preferred list as guidance, I would be happy to have a stand-in for him. You could get some practice drafting and have some fun, drink some beer and get some wings. I don't like the idea of me making his selections as it would be a potential advantage, so I would prefer someone that's not in the league to draft.
I guarantee you I'd be there if I wasn't stuck at home with walking pneumonia. Got diagnosed today. Doctor doesn't want me doing jack shit. If any of it can be done online, I'd be happy to participate but no wings and beer for me for the next week.

But man, I'd love to play in your league. All of us in my league have all been playing together for like 8 years now. Only thing is now most of them are married, have kids, and simply aren't as devoted to fantasy. We used to all get together for the draft, do auction drafts, etc but now no one has the time. I am among the married with children bunch, but I still have more than enough time in my life for fantasy football. So all that is to say I'd love to find another group of guys devoted to fantasy as much, or close to as much as I am. So keep me in mind for future years. And like I said if I can participate online or anything, I'd be happy to draft for your friend.
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