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Default Re: My 2011 Fantasy Draft Team

Originally Posted by dc_txtech View Post
I haven't seen him play much and I know he had a pretty good second preseason game so take it with a grain of salt.

I'm a member of a FF forum and read some bad things from some of the Miami fans. Said he looked like he "had cement blocks on his feet" "doesn't run with good pad level" and that they basically weren't impressed, but I should reiterate that this was all before his game on Saturday.

True, Bush can't ever stay healthy and that's why I threw that qualifier in my original post but I still think that when healthy he can be a quality FF back. I just like the value of being able to pick up a starting RB as late as he's going. If he gives you a good half of a season he's lived up to his draft position.
What round would you recommend taking Bush in?

Man, I am stoked about fantasy football season. I really want to play in a league with you guys next year. So excited to have this conversation topic again and would love to play with you, your wife, and Dutch. Maybe put a little money on it as well.
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