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Originally Posted by nunusguy
To Shetexan - you're remarks re. Bennie Joppru and his unjury are way out of line ! I'm going to assume you don't realize that, else you wouldn't have made them in the first place.
BJ didn't cause his injury, it just happened to him. The guy is probably totally distraught about now, faced with the real posiblility of not having the opportunity to realize his potential and compete for a place on the team - in other words his career in the NFL may be over without really having starting.
I thought a 2nd round pick was high for him - but he could have come in as a 7th round pick, same effect upon him.
As far as Miller goes, he is not our long-term, permanent solution at TE. He is
basically a slow WR masquerading as a TE - whether from lack of bulk, strength, blocking tecnique, or a combination of one or more, he's inadequate as a blocker
at the TE position.
I cannot understand anyone making fun of injured players either. Anytime there are high hopes from the Texans of getting strength at a position and it doesn't pan out, it hurts the whole team. They don't need the setbacks.
Bruener coming over from the Steelers should hopefully help. I would imagine they got him just in case what happened to Joppru happened. Bruener seems experienced enough to take over as long as he stays healthy and maybe he can help Miller along some. But weak links have to be replaced at all positions if we want to be a contending team.
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