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Originally Posted by ____V____
Lots of players are Pup'ed right now. Like Grant Winstrom in Seattle for example; he will play this year, I guarantee it. I won't consider him a bust until he is cut or can't play this season. Unless you can see the future, nobody can say if he will get on the field or not this year. Being pup'ed is not like getting cut or being put on IR
The difference between Wistrom and Joppru is the severity of injuries and the prognosis. Joppru hasn't played a down yet in the NFL, while Wistrom has. That is not even a close analogy. We can already call Joppru a bust because he has not played a down for us and it doesn't look good for him for this year either. So ya, he's been a bust. There's been tons of players that have landed on the PUP never to return during the season.
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