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Originally Posted by thegr8fan
you hit the nail on the head with that one, MISTRIL. McClain has managed to hand out a few free tickets and other 'favors' to certain board members in a blatent attemt to ingratiate himself and get out of the 'hot seat' treatment that this board USED to give him.
I guess I need hit up McClain for some of that action, because I haven't received a thing in exchange for my support of him.

Sorry for taking so long, but I took a couple of days away from the internet. McClain not only is on the HOF selection committee, he is the head of it. I think that shows a little bit of respect from other writers. Also, when the Oilers went to Tennessee, McClain became one of the most popular radio guests in that state and still has quite a following over there. I think he does a once-a-week gig on the Titans official station. If you read his online question column, there are usually quite a few questions from Tennessee. He is also one of the selectors for the Texas Sports Hall of Fame and has done a lot with that organization.

I'm not related to McClain and have never even met him, I just think he is a informative NFL writer and an excellent radio personality. I wish McClain was covering the Texans because we would certainly get a lot more information in the Chronicle on them, but I can understand why he chose the less strenuous NFL gig.
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