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Originally Posted by __V__
I don't know how old you are mistril but I have followed the NFL for parts of 4 decades. All I can tell you is what I perceive over three decades of being a fan of the NFL. McClain was OUTSTANDING covering the Oilers. He hasn't been the same since we lost our team. Some say he has been a bit lazy and self absorbed. All I know is he was a fantastic beat writer back in the Oilers salad days. If McClain was so bad (I think you termed it the "Peter Principle"), how is he one of the 39 select people on the NFL Hall of Fame selection committee? If he wasn't widely respected he would not be on the NFL HOF selection committee.
Thank you for taking the time to respond. I don't know that my age is particularly revelant, but I haven't been in Houston long enough that I was able to enjoy the Oilers. It felt to me from reading these boards that although several posters felt John McClain was 'untouchable' (it felt like he arranged something for them, but I don't know) others were really upset by the coverage. You've mentioned he's had along history of excellent work when the Oilers were here (I had no reference for this not being in Houston) and I think that certainly justifies support from a long standing Houston sports fan. I'm afraid I've formed my opinion based only on the years when you say "Some say he has been a bit lazy and self absorbed".

My reference to the Peter Principle was merely that holding a position for a long time is not necessarily a gauge of competence. The Peter Principle said that you would start out doing a job and if you did it well, you moved up until you eventually landed in a job that you didn't do well (and you didn't get promoted), but you didn't do so badly that you got fired ... and there you sat.

You've convinced me about Elvin Bethea, but as I've said, I didn't follow the Oilers. Perhaps others will have an opinion as to whether the Oilers have been fairly represented in the HOF as a result of his respect and influence. I have no comment.
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