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The news of Joppru is very disappointing for the fact that it will be almost a year and half before we get to see a second rounder play besides Jabar Gaffney and Tony Hollings, both of whom have been less than spectacular. However, this should be Jabar's breakout year, if he is going to really breakout or if he is going to just fill the role of a solid #3. From the training camp interview with Gaffney I heard on the TV, Gaffney sounds determined to make the most of the opportunity and wants people to start talking about him rather than Bradford. From the looks of the Texans website slideshow, Derrick Armstrong is getting some time and being successful, so Gaffney and Bradford better watch out.

As far as Joppru, the lingering groin injury probably left little confidence with the coaches and is likely why they went after Bruener, in retrospect, during the offseason (among other reasons I am sure, such as veteran leadership and proven blocking ability to complement the receiving/no blocking Billy Miller). Although, unless Bruener starts showing himself to be a good receiver (something that has not historically been his stong suit), he will telegraph the run as much as when we sent Seth Wand (who displayed some guns in the slideshow) in at tightend last season (OK, perhaps that is a bit much, but Bruener does not provide the dual threat that Joppru would supposedly exhibit-if we were to see him play). The omission of Joppru will not leave a glaringly obvious hole in our offense but he would still be a nice addtion and provide some new energy/flexibility to the offense when he hopefully returns the first part of the season.

It will be nice to one day see if he can live up to expectations. Right now, disappointing.
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