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Most of us who post here are die hard fans. Not living in the area, but logging in to try to find information has caused me to post some feelings in regard to the chronicle. There are basically two ways to show how you feel. One is to drop your subscription and the other is to complain. Unforunately we are small in numbers and its hard to know the affect. The one thing that leads me to believe that they might be becoming sensitive is the article by McClain where a reader supposidly made some comments and McClain was rewarded by receiving a number of compliments from the readership. McClain picked an Email that was probably out of line so that he could try to put down the uprising and justify his moves afield. I would say keep the heat on, because the message is getting out. I think the postings here are solid and I think the complaint that if you are covering the NFL, then it should be a far wider coverage than is given by McClain is valid and fair. In fact that kind of complaint is probably more of an eye opener and will probably have more affect than one which is viewed as by a harrasing fan. I think McClain has told them who he wants to cover, and its his way or the highway. Personally I feel he is very arrogant and I had similar experiences with writers in our area when I served for a period of time as the official scorer for football and basketball at Fresno State. Its amazing what you run into. I found out that their knowledge of the game was nowhere near what others thought, but people certainly bowed down to them. Everyone was afraid to take them to task even when they were making outlandish statements.
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