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Originally Posted by Fiddy
Yeah it does, but when running a certain way you are expecting the ball to bounce a certain way when you go out to catch it. You have to adjust from the ball going one way with a righty to a different way with a lefty. Thats the point i am trying to make.

I played TE all the way through college and catching a ball from a left handed guy was really no different. The only major difference is when your looking back you have to look for the ball to come from a different spot from behind the line. The other thing was the balls flight, Lefties have a natural hook when they throw anything. Finally the ball wasn't a harder ball to catch it was just different to pick up. As far as adjusting for the spin it never made any difference to me because it never bounced to me or away from me and the ball goes every direction from any QB when you don't catch it.
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