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I think we will see a greatly improved DD now that he has had a full NFL offseason, along with hopefully a full training camp. He should be stronger, in better shape and therefore more durable; and he should be quicker physically and mentally. Add to that an improved offensive line, ditto to fullback Moran Norris(as he will be a year wiser and better conditioned) and the end result is the breakout runningback-of-the-year. I cannot wait. My buddy in New Orleans told me last year after the draft, when the Texans picked up Domanick, to watch out for DD as he was the real deal even though he didn't start in college, and then after Davis got hurt in camp I kind of forgot about him and hoping Stacy Mack could do the job......which he didn't. When DD returned from injury and replaced Mack, he proceeded to have numerous games over a 100 yards, running over people and into the endzone, I then became a believer. Those of you who are not believers yet, you will be by the end of this season. Bank on it.
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