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Originally Posted by Fiddy
Suggs had the benefit of having Peter Bolware and Ray Lewis in the same LB corps. And if you are talking about total production, Suggs may have the best sack per play in league history for a single season. Suggs got 12 sacks as a limited pass rusher. The only time Suggs was on the field was in obvious passing situations. If Babin does have more sacks, I still think Suggs rookie season was more productive getting limited snaps...
Suggs had the perfect situation to get sack numbers. He had great players around him (specifically Bouleware at the other DE/OLB) plus he had the ADVANTAGE of not having to be on the field for too many plays, keeping his legs fresh. Isn't that why they rotate D-linemen? Being a situational rusher is a perfect situation if you only care about one thing - sacks.

I hope that Babin is a lot more productive than Suggs and I won't be measuring it purely on sacks.

Often sacks result from the efforts of others. For example, you need a good push from the DTs and good containment from the other from the OLB/DE. Often, a great play by one player results in a sack by someone else.
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