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Originally Posted by TheTim5125
Why are most people downing DD. He had a great year last year and looks to be an amazing back. But... All I hear on this board is Tony Hollings will be our running back. What I wanna know is why? DD has shown to me he can cut it and will dominate... Someone explain whats so special about about Tony Hollings. Nothing against Hollings but why are people hating on DD?

Remember DD was nicked up a cpl of times last season. I think there is no problem with platooning both backs. Save their legs for the back end of the season! Cowgirls wish they had a 2 back option like us! You can never have enough QB'S or Running Backs! Who cares about Personal Stats. Hope Chris Palmer opens up the "O" this year. More Screen passing less running up the middle. He was to predictable last yr! Put these 2 backs in the open field much as possible. Think about it we could have 2 LaDainian Tomlinson if the right plays are called! Lets just sit back and watch it unfold! Just think after Johnson burns the "D" deep for a TD ( I know he has worked on his catching skills in the off season) Carr can just dump the ball off to DD or TH out of the backfield and watch the Eyes of the "D" bug out!
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