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I think Davis' strength is that he is consistent, and I love that about him. I'd rather have an RB that put in 100 yds a game with a few catches to boot (like Dominick), than some back who put in a 200 yard day, and then a 30 yard performance the next week. I believe we can count on production from #37 on each down, has good hands, tough blocker - he gives 110 %.
With that said, we need Hollings to be tough too. He has great speed, and ran terrific in college, but wasn't impressive last year in the NFL. But that is an unfair observation perhaps, given his injury. But he must get solid now, and learn to use that speed in the NFL, as it is becoming a necessity to have two quality RBs. They provide a one - two punch, and compliment each other as RB, and I am glad we have them both.
BTW, I believe Davis is durable and is not injury prone - and will get around 1600 this year on the ground - but the "home run" carries will be Tony Hollings. ONe thing for sure, our running game is so much better off going into camp this season, than last.
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