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Originally Posted by TheTim5125
Nothing against Hollings but why are people hating on DD?
I am not hating on DD, I just think Hollings has more to offer in the long run... (no pun intended)
Originally Posted by hook'em07carter
kno he wasnt 100 percent but you cant take someone who had done as well as davis and take him out for nomthin hes done his job and hell keep the job if he keeps it up
Olandis Gary and Mike Anderson did a great job in Denver, both ran for 1000 yards in their respective rookie seasons, but Gary replaced Anderson and then a rookie named Clinton Portis replaced both. The Broncos traded Gary and made Anderson move to FB. A player has to earn his job every year.
Originally Posted by hook'em07carter
theres no reason he cant get 1700 he started only 10 games and got well over 1000.
DD had only 840 in his starts. The other 160 came in the Dolphins/Saints/Titans games. DD wouldnt have been a 1000 yard back if it wasnt for getting those limited carries. He would be a 1300 yard back if he played in all 16 games and averaged 84 per game, but he I doubt he plays in all 16 games...
Originally Posted by done88
I saw both run last year and Davis' ability to get yards after contact will never be matched by Hollings.
Maybe, but Portis doesnt break a lot of tackles either. Hollings has the same kind of speed that Portis, he just needs to learn how to use it like Portis. (I am not saying Hollings is going to be Portis) And I dont think we can completly judge Hollings ability to break tackles off 30 carries...
Originally Posted by Beastlyman2003
I want yall to remember this conversation and when he tears up the league this year...
Whats your defenition of tearing up the league???

'Anyone ready to go outside so I can make you look bad?' - Matt Schaub talking to the DBs
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