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Originally Posted by kbourda
Well, Fiddy. I'm sure you would think it's too much. Why is it that everything that happens to athletes people like to compare it with themselves? Never understood that.
When did I compare Eli to myself??? I think you may have spent too much time at the Ricky Williams thread.

Brett Favre, when he signed his new deal 3 years ago, got around $20 million bonus
McNabb, 2 years ago, signed a deal with a bonus of 14 million
Carr's Bonus was 11 million

All I am saying is that how can the Giants give out a bonus that puts Eli in the same class as an all-time great, better then a Pro-Bowler and a QB that has been to the NFC Championship game 3 times, and is $10 million more than what a player who was picked at the same spot two years ago got.

'Anyone ready to go outside so I can make you look bad?' - Matt Schaub talking to the DBs
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