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Originally Posted by Exascor
Donald Duck is animated as well. Maybe he'd be a good coach too huh?

Seriously...what qualifies Hoke as a DC or HC? Sure he seems to motivate but does that mean he can handle the pressure of the positions? What strategy would he prefer? 3-4, 4-3 or maybe even 46? Is he conservative in pass rushing or would he prefer blitzing most of the time? I'm not saying that he won't be good in either position but I just fail to see where everyone gets that he will make a better DC than Fangio or another candidate?

A good question exascor and the answer is he would an aggressive coach that employs a defense that is balanced and switching. A lot like what you see in Baltimore and New England. Moreso N.E. with a 3-4 bas that switches into cover 2 and 4-3 subsets. He is a huge fan of blitzing in the same vein as a coach like Johnson in Philly. I hope that answers your questions. These answers come from him when I spoke with him about defenses.
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